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About Us

Welcome to Oreo Cattle Company, our very own passion project with the unique cattle breed of Belted Galloways. Located in the beautiful lands of Longview, Alberta on the eastern slopes of the rockies, is where we raise our Belted Galloways.


Who We Are

We are a cattle business that focuses on the beautiful breed of Belted Galloways. Both 4H and the history of Scotland in my family contributed to me starting my own little herd of Belted Galloways on my family ranch. In November of 2019, I brought home two feisty Belted Galloways that would soon turn into my two favourite cows. As I got to know them better through the years, I realized I wanted more Belted Galloways and got four more in May of 2021. My main girl Beverly has the most personality, but is as sweet as they come! Through 4H I showed her as a cow/calf pair with her first calf Berkley. This breed has its roots in Scotland and are well known to adapt and thrive in harsh conditions. They have a dual coat; a wooly undercoat for warmth and a layer on top to help shed water. The double hair coat creates lean beef, but well marbled. 

Fun Fact: All of the cows are named after places!

Our Gals


Beverly is a four year old cow with more personality than ever seen before, but she has the sweetest heart. Bev has long, curly, thick hair that really reveals the purebred Belted Galloway in her. Through 4H she was tamed and halter broke, making her the quietest cow in the herd! 



Swift is another four year old cow and is as sweet as they come! She also got quiet through 4H and is one of the quieter cows in the field. Swift is a commercial Belted Galloway that has smooth, straight, and silky hair. She is an ideal cow to have around. 


Miami is a three year old cow that and at first glance you can already tell that she is a beautiful purebred with that long and curly coat. Miami is quiet in nature and has the softest look to her. 



Malibu is another three year old cow in our herd. Her beautiful features catch your eye right away with her deep capacity and her white sock. Malibu is a commercial Belted Galloway with a gorgeous smooth and silky black and white coat. 


Another beautiful addition to our herd is Mesa. With a little more fire in her than the rest, her looks catch your eye right away with her style. She is a purebred Belted Galloway with a thicker and longer coat.



Our last addition to our herd is Mila and she is another three year old cow. She is a commercial Belted Galloway that shows off her gorgeous looks. Mila is shy, but is a great addition to our herd.


Longview AB

Morgan Robertson 403 336 1052 or 403 888 1517

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